Acceptance and integration of BiH citizens on the basis of a readmission agreement

Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) has a number of concluded readmission agreements as well as bilateral agreements with non-EU countries for the acceptance of BiH citizens from European and other countries. In order to ensure efficient acceptance, solving the disputed issues during the verification of identity and citizenship as well as compliance with the time limits, the Ministry of Security of BiH and the CPRC, during the period from 29th to 30th October 2018, organized a training entitled "Readmission of BiH citizens", in Sarajevo. Training participants were representatives of institutions directly or indirectly involved in the acceptance and integration of BiH citizens who return to BiH on the basis of a readmission agreement. It is expected that the system of coordination between all competent institutions and organizations at the state level, as well as at the lower levels of government, will be improved in the forthcoming period with the aim of better and more efficient exchange of information, harmonization of procedures and security aspects of accepting and dealing with returnees.

The training was realized within the project “Support to Efficient Migration and Border Management in Bosnia and Herzegovina” supported by Government of Switzerland.