Limitation of movement of asylum seekers

In Sarajevo, on November 29,2018, training "Limitation of movement of Asylum Seekers" was held. The participants of the training were representatives of the Ministry of Security of BiH from the Asylum Sector, the Service for Foreginer's affairs, Ministry of Justice of BiH and representative of non-governmental organizations.

The training included the basics for the procedure for accepting and accommodating asylum seekers in BiH, looking from the perspective of the Law on Asylum in BiH, international conventions that provide the framework of rights and obligations of States Parties directly related to international protection, the EU Directive about acceptance defining minimum standards for the acceptance of asylum seekers and other by-laws regarding this topic. It was pointed out the need for individual approach in the procedures of restricted movement, considering all personal opportunities and the circumstances of the asylum seeker, as well as the application of the restriction of movement measure in accordance with the principle of necessity and proportionality.

The training was realized within the project “Support to Efficient Migration and Border Management in Bosnia and Herzegovina” supported by Government of Switzerland.