In the past period, in the area of border control, migration and asylum, a lot was realized, to a large extent thanks to the activities of the Ministry of Security of BiH and the Criminal Policy Research Center (CPRC), in cooperation with the relevant institutions, with the support of the Government of Switzerland through the project “Support to Efficient Migration and Border Management in Bosnia and Herzegovina”.

In the period 27th to 28th February, 2019, on Trebevic, training entitled "Introduction of biometrics for foreigners, protection of personal and classified data with special emphasis on biometric data" was realized. A special review was given on the clarification of the basics of biometrics, the legal framework for the collection, processing and use of biometric data, the biometric data register within the Migration information system (MIS) and procedures for collecting and processing biometric data from foreigners. The aim of the training was to strengthen the knowledge and skills of civil servants working in the collection and processing of biometric data of foreigners.