About us


Criminal Policy Research Centre, with its active participation in fields of designing, implementation, and monitoring on the implementation of public policies, contributes to the process of establishing recognisable international standards for combating criminality in Bosnia and Herzegovina that are based in postulates of fact-based approach, and the transparency of conduct in work of the subjects of formal and informal criminality control.


Criminal Policy Research Centre (CPRC), in cooperation with partners from governmental sector and from civil society, both domestic and from abroad, conducts the scientific and “policy” researches in order to enhance and promote public policies in field of prevention and suppression of all the forms of criminality, and illegal and asocial behaviour in BiH through deploying objective and reliable research methodology and working standards


The Goals of the Criminal Policy Research Centre are determined by the Articles of Association and focus on the following:

a) Implementation, promotion, and enhancing scientific researches in fields of promotion of scientific research in the field of criminal law, criminology, Criminal Policy and related disciplines,

b) Establishing cooperation with other institutions, organisations, and associations in Bosnia and Herzegovina that have matching and/or similar programme goals,

c) Education and professional capacity building for realisation of Criminal Policy goals, and

d) Providing scientific and expert contribution to the design and implementation of Criminal Policy.
Criminal Policy Research Centre realizes its goals by implementing scientific researches and policy projects, organizing scientific and expert conferences, by active participation of the CPRC members at scientific and expert conferences, and by publishing scientific and expert papers.


Membership in the Association may be acquired by natural persons, citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina, under the conditions laid down by the Articles of the Association. Membership in the Association is voluntary. An application for membership shall be submitted to the General Assembly of the Association, which, based on the submitted application, decides on admission to membership. Membership is mandatory to be renewed at the beginning of each subsequent calendar year. Members of the Association are required to pay an annual membership fee during January of each upcoming calendar year. The membership fee is determined by the Association Assembly by a special act for each subsequent calendar year. Members of the Association may apply for membership in the Assembly of the Association only after completion of at least two years of membership in the Association. In addition to regular membership in the Association, there is a possibility of appointment of honorary members too. Honorary members of the Association shall be elected upon the proposal of at least one member of the Association Assembly, which based on the application shall decide on the admission of honorary members. Membership in the Association may be terminated in following cases: by a resignation at member's request, in case of the member's death, by the expulsion from membership, and by the dissolution of the Association.

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